Graphic designing is not only about creating pretty images. The true application of graphic designing can be seen almost everywhere from the smallest things to the biggest.

Whether you check the box of cereal or the cover of your set of pencils right to daily use supplies, graphic designing is everywhere. Even when you step out, you get brochures, see posters, hoardings, to every flyer you are handed, all of them are works of graphic designing.

To make a long story short, graphic designing is an umbrella under which numerous variants are present. To name a few applications of graphic designing may include:

  • Signage

  • Branding for a corporate identity

  • Designing of books, magazines, newspapers, flyers and all printable material

  • Virtual medium like online banners, blogs, websites etc.

  • Covers for music CDs

  • Titles and graphic creations in case of advertisements, movies, TV shows etc.

  • Designing of clothing including latest T-shirts etc.

  • Greeting cards for various occasions etc.

These are just a small portion of the applications. The actual list might go on and on. If you simply look around almost all printed or virtual designs, all of them are the genius of graphic designs.

And so a graphic designer usually has many responsibilities.