Simply put, the person who creates the graphic designs is called as a ‘Graphic designer’. A graphic designer must have a creative bent of mind along with an artistic touch. Also they need to have a visual sense that can help understand what a client wants and deliver the same.

A passionate graphic designer will have a natural fondness towards various fonts, color shadings, and will always love to work on visual communications rather than a verbal one.

The job of a graphic designer is to create a visual form of communication that can convey a required message aptly with the use of photos, texts and art.

They are the ones responsible for creating posters, product logos, cover designing, wrappers as well as create visual effects for magazines, newspapers etc.

Normally the people representing any particular brand would be clients for a graphic designer. These clients would have a brief ready for the designer. This brief would include the aim of the product and what kind of effects are they expecting from the graphic designer.

A graphic designer is expected to understand what is required from the client and use all the designing skills under their wing and create a visual that meets the expectation of the client and delivers the required message.

This job can involve anything ranging from choosing the right image, typefaces, developing the layout, how to go about the texts, fonts, colors. Choosing the sizes of images and doing maximum justice to the space given etc.

A graphic designer can usually do a wide range of variations with graphic designing depending upon what is expected from the client.

They can make use of all the latest software to execute the design. Latest software like Photoshop and Illustrator help a graphic designer meet the demands of the client greatly.

A graphic designer differs from an illustrator as an illustrator has to create illustrations to support text while creating a powerful individual visual is the responsibility of a graphic designer.