Though graphic designing as a professional career has come up only recently, graphic designing as an art is many years old. Another name for graphic design is ‘visual communication’. It may also be known as ‘communication design’ and ‘commercial designing’.

It is an art that has existed from about hundreds of years ago. There is proof that graphic designing existed especially from ancient Greek and Roman works of architecture. Also Incan arts as well as books with illuminations and manuscripts from the ancient ages are proof of the existence of this art even back then.

Though at that time, they were not recognized as graphic designs.

The term ‘Graphic design’ was coined by William Addison Dwiggins way back in 1922. Dwiggins was an American national and a calligrapher and type designer by profession. He was the one who identified this art as a separate entity and gave it the name of ‘Graphic Design’.

Even during the 1700’s an extremely primitive level of graphic designing techniques were utilized in newspaper advertisements and other visual aids. With time, the 18th and 19th century progressed and graphic designing also moved ahead with it. Then the techniques were not just limited to being used in newspapers but were also used in trading cards, notices put out for public, as well as classified ads showed signs of improved graphic designs.

But it was only in the 20th century that graphic designing became what it is today. And so the 20th century earned its reputation as being a modern era. The next few decades brought about some significant changes and improvement in the field of graphic designing. With the development of computers and improved software graphic designing progressed by leaps and bounds.